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Slab Foundation Repair

worker drilling the soil beside the house

Slab foundations are a very common and effective form of foundations that have been used for many many years all around the United States of America and throughout the world. We have been specializing in slab foundation repair since our formation many years back, so you can rest easy knowing your slab foundation will be in good, competent and experienced hands. Call us now on the number above to find out more about our affordable ‘Slab Foundation Repair’ service.


How Do I Know If My Slab Foundation Needs To Be Repaired?

If your property is suffering from any slight leveling issues such as an uneven for or cracks beginning to appear on the walls or ceiling then this could be evidence of foundation failure. We advise that you call an experienced construction company such as ourselves to correctly diagnose the cause of these issues as soon as possible before they get any worse.


Why You Should Call Us

You should call us for your slab foundation needs if you reside in and around Pompano Beach, Florida because here at Pompano Beach Foundation Repair, we have a wealth of experience to draw from and a proven track record of providing a quality service to all of our customers in the past. We will take great care of your property and will communicate effectively with you throughout the whole process. Our staff are highly skilled and trained foundation contractors that have seen it all, so your home will be in safe hands. Call now to find out more.


Our Equipment

Our team of foundation contractors has access to all the best tools and machinery that the industry has to offer. We have invested annually to ensure that the methods we use are modern, innovative and industry recommended. This attitude has enabled us to stay one step ahead of our competition and helped us to grow as a company year after year. We have a strong desire to remain in the position we have currently gotten into and to begin to progress and grow further, and for that to happen we believe our name needs to be known for the quality of our services, so only the best will do. We will continue to strive to reach our goals and to invest in ourselves to stay competitive and ahead of the curve in this industry.


Affordable Solutions

You may be concerned that the cost of repairing any foundation issue may be very high and depending on the severity of the issues it can get expensive. But if we can successfully diagnose your problems early before they develop further then we can save a lot of time and money and it becomes more affordable. You will not be left disappointed with our pricing as we are very competitively priced and we offer free foundation inspection estimates and free foundation repair quotes to all customers requesting assistance with their slab foundation. So don’t wait around, pick up the phone and give us a call on the number now.

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