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Seawall Repair

newly installed seawall in the shore

Due to the large amount of residential and commercial properties that are situated on the coast, we decided to specialize in seawall repairs due to large demand from the local community. We have been repairing seawalls here in Pompano Beach, Florida with great success and allowing Florida’s seaside properties to flourish and endure the constant wear from the elements. Call us now to find out more about how our ‘Seawall Repair’ service can help you and your property.


What Is A Seawall

A seawall is a wall that separates a property from the sea, they are very common and essential for the long-term stability of any coastal property. However, they continuously come under pressure from the elements and require regular maintenance and repairs for them to provide your property with the protection it needs. We highly recommend calling us straight away at the first sign of any seawall deterioration so that we can afford and professionally repair it before any further issues arise.


Residential Seawall Repair

Our team can provide your residential property with a premier seawall repair service that will protect your family and investment from the sometimes extreme Floridian weather. An effective seawall will keep the water from rainfall and the ocean to a minimum, which will protect your land from sinkholes and erosion as well as your concrete foundations from deteriorating before their expected lifecycle. Call us now on the number above to find out more about how our seawall repair service can benefit you.


Commercial Seawall Repair

As well as offering our seawall repair service to the residential sector we also offer business owners the same service, that will help protect their livelihood from and unwanted disruptions. A breach of the seawall can have a very negative effect on a business so it is important that you keep an eye on your seawall and call us at the first sign of any issues. Our team will get out to you to access that situation and carry out any required repair leaving you to carry on with business as normal. Call now to get a free quote for our services and even arrange for a free inspection.


Why Choose Us

We strongly believe that you should call us for any seawall repair and any other foundation issues you may have at either your commercial or residential property if you reside in or around Pompano Beach, Florida. We consider ourselves to be one of the best in the business, we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from haven’t been in the industry for many, many years, and have earned a reputation for quality work and service. But you don’t need to just rely on our word alone — we have numerous glowing testimonials from previous customers on our website for your reference. We hope to hear from you soon.

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